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Invest in Your Property With Our Wooden Flooring Installation in Oxfordshire | The Flooring Centre

When we think of traditional, regal properties or high-end apartments within modern developments, wood flooring often comes to mind; its aesthetic richness and impressive durability make it stand out from many other forms of flooring, and this accounts for its popularity amongst our clients, who will accept no substitute.

To this end, The Flooring Centre provides Witney and wider Oxfordshire with access to a wide range of products, and a meticulous in-house wooden flooring installation service, ensuring the floor of your dreams is well within reach.

Attractive & Durable Engineered Wood Flooring

The Flooring Centre specialises in the supply and installation of engineered wooden flooring. These planks are made up of as many as 11 layers of plywood backing, securely glued together. This creates an extremely durable core, upon which sits an uppermost layer of precious hardwood. They are typically secured together via a click and lock system, which is a fairly straight forward form of wooden flooring installation.

There a number of advantages that engineered wood has over its solid wood cousin. Firstly, it is often more affordable due to a lower quantity of hardwood being required in its production. Secondly, it deals far better with environments prone to significant temperature fluctuations or high levels of humidity, which may cause solid wood to warp. They can be placed on top of subfloors, and are also compatible with underfloor heating; this makes engineered wooden flooring installation preferable for areas of Oxfordshire homes like bathrooms (high humidity) and kitchens (often featuring underfloor heating).

Woodpecker Flooring Suppliers

Based right here in the UK, Woodpecker Flooring is an award-winning manufacturer of high end wood flooring. Inspired by natural spaces and experiences out in the wild, these floors are elegance personified, and are manufactured with sustainability firmly in mind. Warm and comfortable underfoot, they can transform properties while serving as effective investments which boost overall value.

The Flooring Centre is a proud supplier of Woodpecker products, and can help Oxfordshire property owners navigate their range, finding the perfect floor to suit aesthetic and functional requirements.

Wooden Flooring Installation Specialists

Investing in the right wood flooring is vital, but it’s just as important you receive a high standard of installation. Botched wooden flooring installation will undermine the aesthetic of your flooring, and lead to significant functional issues that make for a reduced lifespan, or the need for avoidable repairs.

Luckily, The Flooring Centre team specialises in wooden flooring installation, and has carried out countless over the 39 years we’ve served the Oxfordshire area. We’ll ensure your floors are built to last, and are perfectly finished; to see examples of our work, navigate to our Gallery page.

To learn more about our wooden flooring installation services, or the products we have in stock, call Oxfordshire’s The Flooring Centre on 01993 704989.